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Audrey and the spuds by Mineiti
Audrey and the spuds
Maybe finding a path to the tower was harder than expected, but in the end everyone got there in time.

Tell us about your character!

1. What is their name? (How is this pronounced?)
Anders Saltvic, pronounced A nos with the o as in gore/hot

2. Who are they exactly?
A sorcerer who lives in his dead father's apartment and inscribe spells onto things and copy books for money.
Sometimes he plays with alchemy, pretending to know what he's doing.

3. How do they typically spend a day?
If he isn't sleeping all day, he's up all night reading books or finishing work, and in the morning he visits customers to hand over finished work. Afterwards
he visits book stores or sneaks into university libraries to "lend" books. At lunch he's either out studying plants somewhere or home having lunch, and in the
afternoon he is usually reading or working, unless his sister comes by for tea. In the evening he usually bathes for an hour, before going back to work and having
a few snacks and maybe sleeps for a few hours if he is able to find rest.

4. What language(s) do they speak? If they could learn another, what would it be?
Bratibran and Common with an accent.

5. How fit or healthy are they?
Not fit at all. Is in terrible shape due to lack of prober food, sleep and exercise.

6. What is their current romantic and/or sexual orientation?

7. What did they want to be when they were a child? Did these aspirations go anywhere as they grew up?
Anders wanted to be a writer and well... scribing is close enough, right?

8. How good are they at swimming?
He doesn't know how to swim. pushing him into the harbor would probably kill him unless there's someone to save him.

9. What about their cooking skill? Who usually makes their meals, themselves or someone else?
He is fairly skilled in the kitchen, if you look past all the times he accidently cuts his fingers.

10. What are they attracted to or repulsed by in other people?
He is attracted to collected and calm minds, along with certain physical attributes. He is repulsed by aggressive behaviour and people who talk down to him.

11. What is their sleep schedule like?
what sleeping schedule? either the sleep is for the weak or the week.

12. How well do they tolerate spicy food?

13. What’s on their bucket list?
To get recognized by and accepted into the wissen fellowship, visiting Miras Kingdom at some point and finding a cheap alternative to mana stones.

14. What is their money management like?
Anders is a cheapskate with anything that isn't alchemy supplies, parchment and books. He's always broke.

15. How do they show love or appreciation?
By smiling and appearing sincerely calm and peaceful.

16. How do they handle anger?
By crying and yelling in frustration.

17. What are some of their opinions on different cities and religions?
Anders is a god-fearing man, praying on a weekly basis to whoever that might listen, but he doesn't care too much about whether or not people are religious.
While he hasn't been outside Bratkowice and Koben yet, he is convinced that Koben is the most developed City, and that most other places could use the help of the
city and the empire to developed into a better place.

18. How would they behave at a party?
probably sit in some quiet corner and befriend the household pets.

What is their favourite:

19. Colour?
Dark red

20. Food?
sweets and honeyed meat

21. Drink?

22. Animal?
Snakes and cats

23. Music?
Mellow violin tones.

24. Scent?
The scent from parchment, elderflowers and fried sunflower seeds

25. Position to sleep in?
On the stomach

26. Clothing style?
Dark clothing that isn't too restraining

27. Weather?
Summer rain

28. Hobby?
Designing new spells

29. Place to hang out?

30. Way to de-stress?
Reading cheesy romance novels

31. Midnight snack?
Pudding or short cakes

32. Endearment?
Being called sweet things confuses him and makes him flustered. he'd rather be called by his name and call people by their names.

33. Mode of transport?

What would your character do if:

34. A child tried to pickpocket them and failed?
Feel awkward, not knowing if it's okay to get upset or not, and then walk away, trying to pretend it didn't happen.

35. It started raining very heavily and the only nearby shelter was a stranger’s umbrella?
Walk home in the rain.

36. They noticed a scorpion on their chest?
Start screaming hysterically.

37. They noticed a scorpion on someone else’s chest?
Start screaming hysterically on the inside, and soundlessly attempt to swap it away.

38. A guard told them they were under arrest and asked them to come quietly without an explanation?
Whether or not he was guilty, he would attempt to flee.

39. They found themselves barefoot, unarmed and penniless in an unknown city, with absolutely no recollection of how they got there?
Sit down on the ground and cry for a while out of confusion before gathering himself and trying to find some sort of authority to ask for help.

40. One of their friends or relatives came crying to them in the middle of the night?
His parents would get the door in the face, but any sibling or friend would get to come inside and have a cup of tea and an awkward pat on the back.

41. Someone punched them at a bar?
Flee and never return.

42. They saw a stray kitten wandering on the street and a speeding carriage heading straight towards it?
Probably get hurt in the attempt of saving the kitten.

43. They were very hungry but the only edible things available were some live snails, unidentified mushrooms and moonshine?
Get drunk on moonshine and then eat the live snails.

Time for some gossip!

44. Have they ever been in love?
Lots of times, but he'd rather admire people from a distance than risk the awkwardness of both confessing and being turned down.

45. How single and ready to mingle are they at the moment?
He's single and would rather not mingle.

46. Have they ever killed or seriously hurt someone?

47. Who is the most important person (or people) in their life right now?
His oldest sister, Petra.

48. What is something they deeply regret?
Not having tried harder at being a good son.

49. Are they a virgin?
... Yeah.

50. Do they have any secret bad habits?
bad sleeping habits and a terrible diet.

51. Have they ever been drunk or high? What are or would they be like if they were?
Now and then. usually when Anders is drunk he gets sick right away and pass out.

And finally, let's get meta:

52. What would your character say (or do) to you if they met you?
Probably ask why he had to be created and if he could lend some money.

53. In real life, where would your character live and what would their job be?
He would study chemistry and work part-time at a library.

54. If your character could read other characters’ applications like resumes, who would they pick out as acceptable roommates?
While he prefers to live alone, maybe Nico or Emilie

55. What other characters in the group would you never ever want your character to fight against, and why?
I want everyone to fight him though. But maybe the Emperor?

56. Which city leader would you like to take your character on a magic carpet ride?
Cassair, since Anders would be terrified, and that would be hilarious.
Survey meme: Anders
More memestuff about the scrawny sorcerer.
Commissions are open with limited spots.
I will open five spots, and with paypal only, and commissions will close again, when all spots are taken up.
-feel free to ask any questions you might have.

  • payment is up front, thank you
  • I won't do 18+ or distasteful themes
  • a detailed commission will require an extra fee due to extra work
  • it will take a week to two to finish your commission probably, I will keep this journal updated.
  • payment will be in danish kr. and I will be sending an invoice from my paypal.


Commission form:
Send the commission form in a note or to my mail;

Name/ DA username:
Type of commission:
Description of what you want + image ref:


1. :icontaiwonton: (paid) Star!  
2. cloudieness/ tumblr (paid) Star! 
3. :iconqueencrow: (paid) Star! 
4. :iconthegoldilocks: (paid) Half Star 
5. Woundwort/tumblr (paid/ref pending) No Star 

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