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Artist | Student
Current Residence: somewhere in denmark


AA: Gale Connetable


Gale Lucia Connetable

Age: 34

Birthday: Day 13 of the Month of Stars, 8257

Song-Lu Calendar: Day 19 of the Month of the Silk Worm,

Year of the Lambent Amber Crane

True Animal: Jade Rabbit

Secret Animal: Owl                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Gender: female

Height: 164 cm

Race: half-elf (woodelf)


Class: Cleric

Occupation: Miras military – healer/ Medicus-Decanus 

City: Miras

Allegiance: Miras Kingdom


+Adaptable, Loyal , Humorous, Caring, Analytical
-Impersonal, Escapist, prideful, emotionally distant

Gale tries her best to be friendly and open-minded and has the habit of not taking things in her daily life seriously enough. She isn’t fond of arguing or fighting friends and allies, and would rather avoid any verbal conflicts, than waste energy on having to defend her case.  She has great trust in authorities, and will take orders from anyone above her position without asking questions, but is also able to take responsibility and be a guide, when it’s necessary.
She doesn't stress very easily, sees things from a objective point of view, and is most of the time able to keep her head cool in hectic

She wants people to look up to her and see her as a calm and confident person, and she distances herself from her own negative emotions and ignores them for as long as possible. However the lack of admitting to the negative aspect of herself and the need for keeping these hidden, have turned her unable to handle such emotions at all, not her own nor others, often making her appear as if she is unable to feel any empathy or care for others. Any romantic or overly passionate emotions expressed towards her make her cringe and visibly uncomfortable and while she enjoy the company of people, she prefers to keep people at a distance. This also keeps her from being able to keep any friends around for very long, and have made her days off from work quite lonely.

Gale is prideful as well, She sees herself as valuable and hardworking and is too proud to admit it when she makes a mistake and mess something up, making it extra stressful whenever failures happen. To cover up for whatever the problem is, Gale has the tendency to lie or explain her way out of it, and will keep on to her innocence for as long as possible.

She’s also very fond of using humor as a coping method, and since the war started, her jokes have gotten quite dark and macabre.

Likes: luxurious treats, silence, books, independence, forests, birds, naps, new knowledge, jesting and jokes, any festive occasion with good wine involved.

Dislikes: romance, cheap replicas, children, apples, invasiveness, restricting clothes, strong odors.


Gale’s father was a successful merchant from Miras, who, on one of his many trading trips accidentally fell in love with her mother, a shaman from Estraude. After years of trying to woo her, she finally gave in to his charms and agreed to marry him and go with him back to Miras, making the city her new home. From the start of their marriage they had agreed to not have children, due to the age and race differences, but eventually Gale was born. Even though her existence was far from planned, her parents still loved and adored her and put their best into giving her a safe and stable childhood. Gale was an energetic and healthy child, who had the habit of scaring her parents half to death with wild stunts and dangerous games she would create at times, dragging the neighbor kids into this, as she was in lack of siblings to torment.

Worried for the future of her daughter, Gale’s mother started putting her under strict supervision from the start of her teenage years, taking the wooden swords and mud out of Gale’s hands to replace them with books and the vast knowledge only a well-paid tutor could give her. As a repressed rebel who also wanted to show her parents that she appreciated all the love and wealth they had raised her with, Gale started to rebel in her own little ways. She studied diligently and obeyed her teachers and mother, but with sassy remarks and overly creative solutions to simple tasks. She was as polite and decently dressed as was required of her, but accompanied by odd and flashy haircuts. She would work hard to become a well-educated healer, but only to join the royal military as soon as she graduated.

The start of Gale’s medical career was rather stress-free. Mostly peaceful years meant that the assigned tasks wasn’t something she wasn’t prepared for, and it left enough energy to study medical science on the side, giving her a broader perspective on modern medicine and practices. Having no interest in romantic relationships or the idea of someday getting a family of her own, Gale decided to devote herself to the military and her work there.

Wartimes came to Alva though, and Gale got to experience having difficulties for the first time in her life, having had no way of preparing herself mentally for the sights she was soon to see, she would stumble and tumble around, learning the hard way that real war is nothing like the pretend-ones back at the academy. While the first attack on Miras was terrifying and left her with a feeling of not having served her country the best she could, it also made her determined to fix her mistakes and work much harder and more efficiently. From then on she would make sure to take any given opportunity to get out into the field, aiding civilians and soldiers alike.


 Additional info:

-The white hair part is bleached and kept like that on purpose, though glamours is used at formal occasions to give her hairdo a more natural look.

-Her parents support her financially, paying for her rent and necessaries, even though she is perfectly capable of supporting herself.

-She became a cleric very recently and still has a lot to learn about healing and expanding the capacity of her powers.

-Her current sparse free time is used to meditate and recover as much energy as possible, so she can get back to work.


RP Preference: Skype, Chat, Google docs, feel free to drag me into whatever.

Commissions are open with limited spots.
I will open five spots, and with paypal only, and commissions will close again, when all spots are taken up.
-feel free to ask any questions you might have.

  • payment is up front, thank you
  • I won't do 18+ or distasteful themes
  • a detailed commission will require an extra fee due to extra work
  • it will take a week to two to finish your commission probably, I will keep this journal updated.
  • payment will be in danish kr. and I will be sending an invoice from my paypal.


Commission form:
Send the commission form in a note or to my mail;

Name/ DA username:
Type of commission:
Description of what you want + image ref:


1. :icontaiwonton: (paid) Star!  
2. cloudieness/ tumblr (paid) Star! 
3. :iconqueencrow: (paid) Star! 
4. :iconthegoldilocks: (paid) Half Star 
5. Woundwort/tumblr (paid/ref pending) No Star 


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Thanks for the watch Mineiti! 
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I saw your artwork on tumblr like a year ago and I've been searching for the original artist aND I FINAlLY FOUND YOU
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I just want to tell you that you are amazing~ please keep up the great work!
Mineiti Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2016  Student
thanks for finding me <3
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Happy Birthday!!
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...a very happy birthday to you great artist...=3
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I hope all your dreams and wishes come true.:iconbrightfutureplz:
Be strong.Getting hurt is part of being alive;there will be lots of battle's scars.Don't ever give up and always believe in yourself and don't let others decide what you should do next,follow your heart and your beliefs.
You can do it!! \^o^/
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