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Artist | Student
Current Residence: somewhere in denmark


AA App: Anders Saltvic

Name: Anders Saltvic
Age: 25
Birthday: 28th Flowers, 8268

Song-Lu Calendar: Day 30 of the Month of the Cormorant,
Year of the Incandescent Perfume Snake
True Animal: Cormorant

Secret Animal: Otter

Gender: Male
Height: 170 cm /5’7?

Race: Human

Class: Sorcerer
Occupation: Rookie Alchemist/ Scribe
City: Koben
Allegiance: Koben Empire


Creative, Dedicated, Observant, Patient, Impulsive, Double Sided

Introverted, Self-critical, Paranoid, Disorderly, Suspicious

Anders is either full of energy (can be positive as well as aggressive), willpower and is ready to take on the world, or he is completely gone, out of hope for the world and wants to be left alone to sleep forever, there’s no in between.
He struggles to keep himself in control and to appear as neutral as possible around other people though, as he is scared of being labeled crazy.

He tries his best at being as friendly, social and open minded as possible around strangers even with his swinging moods, but is by nature suspicious and wary of most people he haven’t met before and doesn’t know closely,  and in general prefers to have a certain amount of personal space.
He enjoys gathering new knowledge, and can get distracted from his own cautiousness towards other people if he get to go on and on about topics that interest him, and projects he is working on, and while he never would openly admit to it, interacting with intelligent and strong people makes him excited. as it tend to be the kind of people he looks up to. He is not good at argumentation, as he easily assumes that whatever he thought or did to begin with he was probably wrong.
Anders is rather sensitive to others expressed emotions and emotional outbursts, and will no matter the situation tend to get defensive and protect himself when exposed to this. He is fidgety and anxious around anger and violence and would rather escape a conflict than fight back. When pushed into a corner he will get aggressive as a way of getting away as well.

Whenever in the company of people, friend or foe, by sudden unexpected movements such as a raised hand or alike, Anders will back away or move his arms up to protect himself as an ingrown habit he can’t get rid of.

He believes in the importance of ethics and balance in the world, but his sense of morality is lacking, and if it serves his cause, he won’t hesitate for too long about doing something illegal, pretty much ready to do most things besides torture and homicide. With this said, he still somewhat wishes to protect the innocent and the ones who can’t fend for themselves, though he has no belief in his ability to do this.

seclusion, books, magic, science, animals (especially felines and reptiles for some reason), sweets, watching people go on with their day (from a distance), listening to lectures and stories, rain, plants.

Dislikes: The concept of school and other places you are required to attend on a daily basis, overly crowded places, loud noise and loud people, Insanity, ignorance, having things being forced upon him, un-clarity, unpredictability. any mention of his birth name or origin.


Anders was born in Bratkowice, with the birth name Eamon, ending up as the second youngest out of five children. He was the result of an short lived affair on his mothers side, one shortly discovered after the birth of the boy by calculations and the sight of black hair locks in a family known for their blondes and redheads.
Eamon’s father was changed to the worse by this, growing bitter over what his wife had done to him, and the faq that he from now on had to be reminded of it every day, as they kept him as their son, having no idea about the biological father’s whereabouts.

On top of the presence of the unwanted child, the crops started to fail on the family, and the frustrations started to build up on top of one another. Blaming Eamon, his father started to get rough with him, throwing him around, kicking him when he was in the way and hitting him when he was in need of letting steam out. This taught Eamon to stay out of the way as much as possible, and as he got creative with finding hiding places, he also started finding an interest in reading, something that made him forget about his situation for a while.
While his siblings seemed to prefer being rowdy and play outside, Anders started to stay inside as much as he could get away with, and as his grandmother started to notice his interest in books, she supplied him with more, whenever she was on a visit, both tales of fiction as well as teachings about the world outside of Bratkowice.
Later on Eamon started to have accidents with magic, accidentally setting fire to objects in the house and his siblings, and while his mother, a sage, tried her best to repress his magic to save their furniture and children, the beatings from his father started to get severe, as punishment and a way to keep down his own growing anger.

Eventually the day would finally come where an attack from his father was so severe that Eamon almost was killed, and just saved in time by his oldest sister. He was afterwards moved to their grandmother’s house, where he spent the next months, in treatment for his wounds.

The mother would after this event kick Eamon out of the house, wanting to keep him safe the only way she knew without leaving her husband, and at the same time using it as an excuse, that he had caused too much harm for the family already.
Instead his grandmother offered her house as his new home, and as he accepted, she started to teach him how to control his magic abilities and later paid to have him schooled at a college, where he also started to get an interest for alchemy.

He felt fortunate to have been given all this by his grandmother but still left school as soon as he saw it fit, rather wanting to study for himself and not have to deal with the responsibility and boring stability of a school schedule. While his grandmother wished that he had stayed for a bit longer she still supported him, and by her help he started supporting himself as well, making a modest living by doing commissioned magic inscriptions and general scribe work.

One day Eamon got a visit from his mother about news from his biological father, learning for the first time about a special childhood friend of hers. She wasn’t trying to reconnect with her son, but had found him, because it was the man’s last request. He had died while serving the imperial forces in Belport, and he had left his home and belongings to his son, having had hopes about meeting him one day.
While Eamon was hurt by these news, he also decided to move into his father’s home in Koben, laying his name and old life behind him in hope of something better.

Additional info:

  • He has a somewhat hand shaped burn mark on his neck, from a night where he was choked by his father and accidentally lit his own skin on fire in panic. He prefer to keep this hidden away.

  • He has been practicing a wide range of magic, but fire magic seems to come most naturally to him.

  • he doesn’t care much about wealth and is happy as long as he has enough money to read, study and invent new sorts of spells while still being able to eat now and then and have a roof over his head.

  • Now and then he wanders into the wilderness for the sake of research and material gathering.
  • while having good days and lots of energy, he tends to overwork himself and can easily forget to sleep and eat for days, until his body eventually gives up and he passes out. After a few days of no sleep, he usually starts hallucinating and hearing voices, though he is aware that this only is in his head.

  • his attention and participation can be bought with sweets and alchemy supplies.

  • he is naturally right-handed but has taught himself to write with left due to immobility issues in his fingers caused by misgrown broken bones.
  • He likes alcohol but it doesn’t take a lot to get him drunk.


Petra Saltvic:
Oldest sister that he has a bit of an awkard relationship to. Even though they are trying to get a closer bond with one another (neither of them would admit this), there's still a long way to go. He feels that he is dept to her for saving his life when he was younger.
Sten and Gerda Saltvic: parents, he has a rather distant relationship if any to his mother, and is scared of his father and would prefer not having to see them again.
Anell Saltvic: older brother that he havent ever talked much to, while distant to one another, they have never been mean to one another either.
Malle Saltvic: Older sister that tended to mock and bully Anders whenever the possibility showed itself. They would both be happy if they never had to meet up again.
Lance Saltvic: younger brother and the youngest sibling. The one sibling that Anders cares for and is concerned about. While Lance is as wild as his oldest sister, he still manages to be gentle and show respect towards Anders. They haven't talked much since Anders moved to Koben.

Rp: Skype, Chat, Google docs, : D
Workout plan
Galen trying to impress someone by starting doing some daily exercizing?
Sasha @ :iconhellebee:

Funds: 540$ + 220 = 760$
[Adopt Auction: Ended] Unicorn boys
So I will be be doing my first adopts ever as an auction.

The Auction will start from when the submission is up and until Friday the 8th of December, 1pm central european time
If you autobuy or win the auction, I will send you a note.
I accept USD with Paypal only!

-You can use the adopt for whatever thing you want to, while credit to my deviantart would be nice it isn't an requirement.
-You may give the character away, but please notify me if you do so, or if it's a gift from the start
-You may resell the character but not for a higher amount than what you get it for.
-Payment needs to be sent within 24 hours after recieving a note. If you fail to pay, it will be up for auction again, or the next bidder in line will get the adopt.
-you can change clothes and details, but the character needs to stay recognizable.
-you are free to add name, age, history and so on. :)

Unicorn Boy Adopts:

1.  Olde Tungsten
Autobuy: 70$
Owner: :iconange-face:

2.  Silver Sword
Autobuy: 70$
Owner: :iconourmaskoflies:

3.  Copper Silk
Autobuy: 70$

4.  Rainbow Titanium
Autobuy: 70$
Owner: :iconikalye:


After ive recieved payment ill send you a higher resolution of the character art without watermark : )
Ballroom secrets
It was hardly any issue to get access to the election ball, as Kasmir already knew of a certain someone who had an invitation and would be delighted to bring him along as company. The tricky part would rather be to find his way to that password, without being caught by any guards or alarms.
Maybe an invisibility potion would do the trick?...

Scott @ :iconwhipapp:

Funds: 305 + 215 + 20 = 540$
Commissions are open with limited spots.
I will open five spots, and with paypal only, and commissions will close again, when all spots are taken up.
-feel free to ask any questions you might have.

  • payment is up front, thank you
  • I won't do 18+ or distasteful themes
  • a detailed commission will require an extra fee due to extra work
  • it will take a week to two to finish your commission probably, I will keep this journal updated.
  • payment will be in danish kr. and I will be sending an invoice from my paypal.


Commission form:
Send the commission form in a note or to my mail;

Name/ DA username:
Type of commission:
Description of what you want + image ref:


1. :icontaiwonton: (paid) Star!  
2. cloudieness/ tumblr (paid) Star! 
3. :iconqueencrow: (paid) Star! 
4. :iconthegoldilocks: (paid) Half Star 
5. Woundwort/tumblr (paid/ref pending) No Star 


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