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Artist | Student
Current Residence: somewhere in denmark


IV: Galen

■ Name: Galen
■ Race: Unicorn

■ Gender: Male

■ Age: 28

■ Class: Rogue

■ Job: Waiter/Barista at Café Thanks a Latte

■ Favorite Food: Churros

■ Items: Wallet, bandaids, taser, phone, headphones

■ Abilities

  • Shape shifting; The limited ability to change between unicorn shape and a more human-like shape.

  • Unicorn biology; his horn can be used to purify any contaminated liquid and his blood can give temporary immortal life, overuse of this might cause an addiction.

  • Unicorn Empathy; the ability to sense when organic life is sick or dying.

■ Personality:
Open Minded, Curious, Friendly, Hardworking, Intelligent,

Naive, Impulsive, Dishonest, Escapist, Self-loathing.

Galen is accepting and friendly toward most people, and will attempt to create as many new lasting friendships and bonds as possible when the opportunity shows. He believes in the magic of forgiveness and second chances, and sees diversity as a way of gaining a wide range of knowledge about the world. He is eager to keep learning and is eager to get to know people, but this can unfortunately also lead to him being used or betrayed rather easily. While he tend to trust others he have little to no trust in his own abilities and qualities. He doesn’t like dealing with bad situations, and will often lie to avoid them, get into them or just to seem more valuable than he think he is.
He will usually also lie about things that makes him uncomfortable, such as his origin or his fears and will try to run away when confronted with this.

Likes; Company, cooked food, soft couches and beds, accessories, darkness, rain, dense forests, books, flashy magic.

Dislikes; Hospitals, Vampires, Kelpies, Mud, Restrainments, Small closed spaces.

■ Stats:





    LUCK: 4

■ Background:

Gale grew up in an isolated part of the wildwoods only accessible by those who are welcome. From a young age he was rather adventurous and despite the warnings from his family, he had the habit of often venturing away from home and into the woods, most of the times being able to get back on his own, but also with times where his parents had to go look for him to get him back. Eventually he started discovering parts of Indieville by finding trash, magazines and other abandoned objects in the outskirts of the woods and would much to his family’s irradiation bring it with him home to show and tell. He would eventually try to talk his family into going with him to the civilized part of Indieville and educate them about his discoveries, but in the end only faced rejection and be told to stay home.
Galen didn’t listen though and at some point instead of bringing more trash home, he almost got his whole family cursed by bringing an evil spirit, whom had given him a promise of being able to educate both him and those he held dear about life beyond the woods. The curse was barely avoided and the spirit was terminated, but after the incident Galen was seen as a threat to the other unicorn’s safety and he was sent away from home, unable to ever find it again as he no longer was welcome there.
For a while he would wander around in the forest, but eventually the loneliness became too much and he would decide to take a more human like shape, something he would need for his attempt at trying out a more modernized life in the town of Indieville.

■ Other info

  • He will lie or avoid talking about his home and why he left it, and he will lie or avoid talking about what species he is for the sake of his safety. If he gets to know you a lot better he might eventually reveal the truth.

  • Galen isn't strong, but is agile and fast and good at running away from his problems.

  • He likes shiny accessories a lot and has the habit of collecting them and stashing them in his new home, along with a bunch of other useless trinkets.

  • He enjoys food a lot, and sees a cooked meal as luxury.

  • His goal in life is to be able to buy a really great bed and get a lot of friends.

  • Despite everything, somehow he got a job, and he enjoys working there a lot.

  • He is oblivious to flirting and will be need to tell things directly in order to understand what’s going on.

  • Sometimes he goes back to the wildwoods, trying to find his old home and family.

  • Still a virgin and super shy about the concept of intimacy.

■ RP method: hit me up on discord!

■ Shipping?: shruggg

Commissions are open with limited spots.
I will open five spots, and with paypal only, and commissions will close again, when all spots are taken up.
-feel free to ask any questions you might have.

  • payment is up front, thank you
  • I won't do 18+ or distasteful themes
  • a detailed commission will require an extra fee due to extra work
  • it will take a week to two to finish your commission probably, I will keep this journal updated.
  • payment will be in danish kr. and I will be sending an invoice from my paypal.


Commission form:
Send the commission form in a note or to my mail;

Name/ DA username:
Type of commission:
Description of what you want + image ref:


1. :icontaiwonton: (paid) Star!  
2. cloudieness/ tumblr (paid) Star! 
3. :iconqueencrow: (paid) Star! 
4. :iconthegoldilocks: (paid) Half Star 
5. Woundwort/tumblr (paid/ref pending) No Star 


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